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Smart Contract / System Method

Getting Started SASEUL has built-in smart contracts that is ready-to-run out of the box. In fact, even generating the genesis block of the main chain is done by one of the system smart contracts. ...

Smart Contract / Operator

Summary This document is based on the specification of SASEUL JS. The SASEUL main network is currently using version 0.2.0, and we plan to support additional operators through patches. A meth...

Smart Contract / Overview

SASEUL Smart Contract The SASEUL engine provides one system contract and one base method (Genesis) by default. Methods included in the system contract can only be executed by the Genesis address....

SASEUL JS / Specification

Quick Start npm $ npm install saseul const SASEUL = require('saseul'); let key = SASEUL.Sign.keyPair(); console.dir(key); ... Browser ... <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn...