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SASEUL JS / Overview

SaseulJS SaseulJS is a toolkit for developing decentralized applications based on the SASEUL blockchain engine. You can use this toolkit to create and send transactions and requests to the SASEUL ...

Node / RPC API

Getting Started You can access the SASEUL node with HTTP or HTTPS and use RPC in the GET or POST method. In case of GET method, provide request parameters in query string. URL: {host}/{RPC_AP...

Node / Command Line Interface

Getting Started Once SASEUL is installed on your node machine, the node is now ready to run. You can execute various predefined SASEUL commands on cli to directly operate your SASEUL node. You c...

Node / Installation

Getting Started SASEUL is a public blockchain network. Anyone who wants to join the network can establish one’s own SASEUL node. One can mine resources, host dApps, browse the whole network data a...